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- is a small town 50km north of Warwick, 8km off the New England H'way




.....1,000 in town, 2700 in the district

CLIFTON - thought to be named after Clifton, Westmoreland, England

- after the birthplace of an early settler. This grain-growning district really evolved with the arrival of the railway in 1869


- thrived until 1950 when the local industry entered a slump. The butter factory closed in 1966. This grand building now serving since 1988, as a district Museum

The areas agricultural crops

- include barley, canola, sunflowers, sorghum, peanuts, corn, wheat, oats, mung beans & garlic

We hold the Guinness Book of Records

- for the longest road train (1474.3m) in February 2006 when a prime mover Mac Truck was used to tow 113 trailers for 150m

Several movies have been filmed here

- featuring buildings, churches, & railway station - eg. The Thornbirds (1983); The Light of Lionel's Life, Finding Hope and recently a French movie crew were filming